Our model

Alfareal is a uniquely integrated real estate investment platform. We source and execute proprietary deals from start to finish, acquiring and transforming real estate to make our cities a better place to live. No intermediaries are involved, which gives us direct control and visibility on costs and timing.

Alfareal allows a variety of investors to participate directly in these value-creating transactions. Participants buy a stake in the company which acquires the real estate assets and invests the necessary capex for its complete renovation and setup as a cash-flow generating business. Register on our online platform, discover our opportunities, and participate with us in transformational projects.


  • We are able to acquire real estate assets way below their market price because we have a repositioning project for them
  • We source assets directly from a variety of private sellers, banks, funds, and leverage a vast network of relationships in the space


  • We design the whole repositioning project (Coliving, Senior Living or otherwise) to use the available space and location as efficiently as possible
  • We work with our technical, legal and tax advisors to make the required changes (structural changes, change of use, legal adjustments, etc.)


  • We set up the operational business, selecting the right manager to run it as smoothly as possible under our control
  • We create liquid and unique real estate assets with recurring cash flows

Areas of focus

Fundamental changes to the way we live are happening. We want more flexibility, more services, we will move more often, we may live and work in different cities. The old one-size-fits-all rental model is outdated.

Huge generational changes are under way. In a decade or two, 65+-year old people will be the largest age group in all European countries. How do we make sure they live in the best possible conditions? How do we fight loneliness?

At Alfareal, we want to be part of these revolutions and invest in long-term trends that will transform the real estate market.

Flex Living


  • Coliving is an innovative housing concept that brings together diverse individuals in a vibrant, shared space where connections flourish, ideas bloom, and lifelong friendships are forged
  • It offers an affordable and flexible living arrangement, allowing residents to enjoy beautifully furnished accommodations (private and fully equipped apartments), shared areas (coworking, gym, swimming pool, etc.) and a strong sense of community

Corporate Living

  • Corporate living, also known as corporate housing or serviced apartments, offers professionals and business travelers temporary, fully furnished accommodations tailored to their needs
  • With amenities like fully equipped kitchens, separate living areas, and private bedrooms, these convenient spaces provide a comfortable and homelike environment

Senior Living

Independent Living

  • Independent living is a liberating lifestyle choice, offering 65+ independent people a vibrant and supportive environment tailored to their needs
  • With comfortable and fully equipped private apartments, beautiful shared areas and a range of services at their fingertips, residents can live life on their terms while enjoying a sense of security and convenience

Urban Regeneration

Rental Flats

  • We source real estate assets (flats or buildings) which are run down, unused, and not adapted to current market expectations anymore
  • We engage in an extensive refurbishment (potentially with structural or legal changes)
  • We look for a long-term tenant and sell the asset quickly, providing a turnkey investment solution to long-term real estate investors

Geographic focus

We focus on Spain and Portugal.

As one of the largest European economies, leveraging a highly qualified workforce and a never-ending supply of sun, Spain acts as a magnet for Europeans and Latin Americans alike.

The professional real estate market in Spain is particularly inefficient, offering lots of value creation opportunities.


The Spanish capital benefits from a robust economy, strong rental demand, diverse property options, and a favorable investment climate


Considered as one of the best cities in the world for expats, Malaga boasts a beautiful coastal location, pleasant climate, cultural heritage, and thriving tourism industry

Other Tier 1 Cities

  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Lisbon

Positive impact

We invest in real estate projects with a positive impact on society.

Real estate projects and investments have a huge impact on our environment, our cities and the way we interact with each other.

At Alfareal, we believe we can make a difference by transforming old buildings into modern, comfortable spaces where various generations can socialize, and everyone can thrive.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Renovation of old buildings

  • Reduces the need to construct new buildings
  • Limited carbon impact
  • Efficient use of resources

Use of renewable energy sources

  • Solar panels
  • Aerothermal systems

Choice of sustainable materials

  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Reduced building consumption

  • Better isolation
  • Automatic sensors
  • Operational cost savings

Social impact

Flex Living

  • Sharing of resources, services and spaces
  • Affordable housing solutions
  • Socialization

Senior Living

  • Quality accommodation and services for independent seniors
  • The antidote to loneliness

Urban regeneration

  • Affordable, quality accommodation for all
  • Focus on underdeveloped parts of our cities with huge potential