Our direct investment platform

Alfareal Direct Investments is our proprietary online platform.

Alfareal Direct Investments allows you to:

  • Analyze potential opportunities
  • Invest in transformational projects starting from €50,000
  • Store your documents securely
  • Receive monthly updates as your project progresses

Participate directly in high-return real estate deals:

  • No intermediaries: you have direct access to our projects
  • No hidden fees: total transparency on deal economics

We are all aligned:

  • The bulk of our remuneration is linked to the success of the project and paid at the end


Run through the summary and download the teaser for a quick overview of the deal opportunity. Then dive into the comprehensive commercial and financial analysis and download key documents from the professional dataroom.


Speak to our team, commit, and become a shareholder in the company owning the real estate assets. Then see the value of your stake increase as we create cash-generating assets.

Store your documents

Your ID documents, shareholder agreement and other deal-related documents are safely stored and easily accessible any time.

Receive monthly updates

Track the perfornance of your invested projects directly on the platform. See the most recent pictures of the building, read how the transformation project is progressing, go through the quarterly financial update.


You are one step away from participating in positive real estate investments!

Join our exclusive community of investors and get unlimited access to all our opportunities on our platform.

Just leave us your details and we will be in touch shortly.