About us

Alfareal is a on a mission to change how we build, live and invest in real estate.

Real estate is the largest asset class globally. It is also an industry which has been slow to adapt to a changing world, leverage technology and reflect on its impact on the world.

We have two simple goals:

  • Focus on real estate projects which have a positive impact on our society
  • Allow a growing number of investors to participate directly in these value creation opportunities

Our Values

Alfareal is founded on a set of core values which set us apart in the real estate industry.

We seek to bring more transparency and more responsibility to the real estate industry. We leverage technology and innovations to execute faster than our competitors and create sustainable assets.


Alfareal was born to bring more transparency to a traditionally opaque real estate industry

We share a lot of information with our investors, our fee structure is simple and easy to understand, and our online platform allows us to communicate lots of data in real-time with our investors

Innovation and creativity

We believe real estate is only starting to embrace profound changes, both in the way it is owned, shared and lived in, but also in the way it is built, maintained and monitored

Technology and data are at the heart of this transformation​ and a way for us to measurably increase efficiency in our projects


We are convinced that real estate investments will soon unquestionably go together with a well thought-through strategy around potential environmental, social and community impacts

Managing those impacts is a core part of our assessment matrix

Contact us

If you are interested in learning more about our investment opportunities and our unique platform, please register here and we will be in touch shortly.

If you are selling real estate or have a real estate project you want to tell us about, please contact any member of the team or send us an email at info@alfarealgroup.com

You can also call us on +34 919 931 096

Our offices are in the center of Madrid, Spain.
Calle Ayala 3
28001 Madrid