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Alfareal releases the first version of its investment management platform.

Built in close partnership with Invyo, the leading data analytics company, Alfareal Direct Investment is a digital platform which facilitate the analysis and diligence process of a real estate project. Users can go through the highlights and the details of the project in a highly structured and intuitive manner. Alfareal Direct Investment is a key milestone in building a comprehensive suite of products to digitize diligence, monitoring and reporting processes.

About Alfareal

Alfareal selects and empowers some of the best real estate promoters and operators to execute on high value creation projects. We provide truly innovative equity financing solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs with a proven track record of outperformance and a clear potential to scale. Alfareal is based in Spain and focused on Southern Europe, where the professional real estate market represents over $700bn in aggregate value and is particularly inefficient, offering attractive value creation opportunities.